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Hommii 10 pcs/Set Desechable Esterilizada Tatuaje Aguja Tatuar Tattoo 9RL
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Hommii 10 pcs/Set Desechable Esterilizada Tatuaje Aguja Tatuar Tattoo 9RL
  • New Ocean Blue Disposable tattoo needle cartridges Sterilized package.
  • Professional Tattoo Needles are harmless, sterilized stainless steel for daily use.
  • Carefully designed and more convinient to use.
  • All needles could compatible with all types of cartridge grips & rotary or coil machines
  • 1PC per unit sealed with sterilized packing for convenient use, 10pcs per box.
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Hommii Derma eléctrico automático de la pluma Antienvejecimiento celulitis Micro Agujas Roller Sistema Micro Aplicación de las agujas para el cuidado de la piel del rostro
  • Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days from the first treatment
  • Functions: Anti-Puffiness?Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment? Acne Scar Removal, Acne Scar Treatment ? Anti Wrinkle Treatment, Anti Aging ?Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Restoration ?Surgical Scar Removal ?Hyper pigmentation treatment
  • No permanent damage or injury,No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications
  • Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients
  • Almost all skin types can be treated
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Hommii 50Pcs pinzas Permanent Maquillaje cejas de la ceja Microblading agujas 7 / 12/ 14 pins
  • For disposable using only.
  • Excellent stability, less vibration.
  • Individual package per needle.
  • Length: approx. 20mm
  • Needle is made of medical grade stainless steel.
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Hommii Profesional libélula rotatoria del tatuaje del motor Kit del arma con la tecnología de motor de América agujas de tatuaje + 1 pc con asas Conjunto para el trazado Shader y colorear, 3 -. 9 V, aleación de aluminio, muy fácil, de bajo ruido
  • Hommii Dragonfly Tattoo Machine is designed with tattoo artists in mind and crafted from the highest quality materials and components available. It works well for lining, shading and coloring.
  • This machine is practically silent when running, it produces low vibrations, it weights a mere 150 grams.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Dragonfly has an exceptional ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold while tattooing for hours on end. It doesn't require use of rubber bands.
  • Accepts all standard grips, tubes, needles and power supplies with a clipcord.
  • Works with clip cord connections and most 3-9V power supplies.